DieHard RC Summer Drone games Series - Race #5

We will have our normal race format (shown below) and throw in some freestyle for fun.

July 20th 2019
DieHard Family RC Park
Snohomish, WA

Come join us at our first outdoor race of the 2019 season!
Pilots of all skill levels are welcome.
Novice pilots will skip some gates to reduce the difficulty of the course.

Where: DieHard Family RC Park

When: Setup starts at 9:00 AM
registration at 10:00 AM
Practice until 12pm.
Racing starts at 12.

Race Format - We will run 5 - 2 minute qualifiers. You then will use your best 3 out of 5 runs that will qualify you for your perspective main event.
Top 4 pilots will secure a spot in the A main
* Lower mains will race and transfer top 2 pilots from each lower main to the next level main event.

Cost: $30 per entry/$20 for additional class

Racing classes:

Novice - Pretty much any multirotor with a 25Mw video transmitter 6" props maximum, (course will be easier, less gates used) please be familiar with how to change your video channel.

Open Expert - Quadcopter, 6S maximum, 6" props maximum, 800g max weight.

2” class - Run what you have

Maximum cell voltage for all drones is 4.35 volts.

Please note these important requirements:

* You must be an AMA member to race (join at modelaircraft.org).
* Please come with your AMA member number (e.g., your card). If you sign up online, call the AMA to get your number before the race.
* DieHard family rc park membership cards include your AMA number and will speed you through registration.
* Your VTx must be able to output 25mw and 200 (25mw is our default for 2018, but we might switch to 200mw if we see problems with 25mw).
* You must have the correct polarity (RHCP or LHCP) antenna on your VTx (see what polarity you are assigned when you "check in" via MultiGP).
* If you have onboard LEDs (recommended for all drones, require you must set your LEDs to the color for your video frequency: 5658 (green), 5695 (blue), 5760 (red), 5800 (purple), 5880 (yellow), 5917 (cyan)
* Please “check in” via MultiGP the night before and get your VTx (and LEDs) configured ahead of time.
* Please configure your drone builds with ease of channel changing and antenna changing.

Spectators are free so bring your friends and family to hang out for the day.

Trackside Grill will be at the park for all your food and drink needs!

Upcoming events schedule can be found @ DieHardRC.com