DieHard RC Sponsorship opportunities

We have a winter series with a total of 10 races scheduled in our new location in Snohomish, Wa. and a 2 day event scheduled at the Hobby Expo in Monroe, Wa.

We are in need of Series, event and class sponsors and thought of you.

 As a sponsor you would help us to bring more racers into the Hobby as well as help us create high quality racing programs for our more experienced racers. 

 Options for sponsorship:

$2000- Series Sponsor = Sponsor us for the entire series and we will name the series after your Business and/or family name, highlight your business throughout the series at every race and consistently on social media and all marketing materials.

 $500- Single event title sponsor = Sponsor us for one or more races and we will highlight your business throughout the race, on social media and throughout the season as an feature sponsor. (ie..  your business and/or family name on the DieHard Double)

 $300- Series Class Sponsor = Sponsor us for one or more classes during the season and have your business and/or family name announced as part of that class throughout the series and on social media. (ie. Novice class brought to you by Your business and/or family name)

 $200 - Clinic Sponsor = Sponsor one of our clinics to help us teach not only our novice drivers but, to bring more advance clinics to help our more seasoned drivers to improve in areas such as set-up, radio adjustments, charging and car builds/preparation.

 **Sponsorship can include money and/or product of equal value to be used during the series and at our end of season raffle.

 Please become part of our DieHard Team and help us continue to bring this amazing community high quality racing as well as clinics that will continue to improve our drivers and our racing programs.