Drone Engineering 101


So you built your first drone...

I know the feeling. Its full of pride and joy because you finally overcame the frustrations of building a drone. Make sure you get some pictures now because


Don't let that worry you too much, just pick it up, put some new props on and make sure everything is still intact. Pop into the air and try again. Remember that you aren't flying a toy and its always a good idea to start flying in a wide open field. Don't use your goggles quite yet either, just get a feel for the quad and tune out wiggles now. Practice moving in all directions, slowly coming to a stop and gentle turns. It'll seem impossible at first, but a few hours of practice and you'll be much more confident. FPV Academy has a great series on some drill you can do! 


Here's the big thing. FPV racing is built off the idea of having fun. As cheesy as it sounds, don't be too upset if you crash - just laugh it off and hop right back onto the horse. A professional would be lying if they said they don't crash, so don't sweat it! We can help you if you need it.