Drone Racing

FPV Drone Racing

FPV Drone Racing is the fastest growing sport around the world. By placing a camera on the RC multirotor or "drone", pilots can stream a low-latency video feed to goggles and use it to fly and race utilizing these FPV (First Person View) technologies at speeds up to 100mph.

DieHard RC held over 20 MultiGP events in the summer of 2019 and we plan to continue this summer with our fun/racing events. 

We have also added a membership opportunity that allows you to come out and enjoy the field unless there is a scheduled event marked on our site calendar.

DieHard RC Is a AMA Chartered Club #53389

The only credential we require is a full Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership (AMA) to ensure you and your fellow pilots have a mutual respect for safety.

For more information on how to obtain an Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership, click HERE.


DieHard RC Drone Racing MultiGP Chapter

MultiGP is the premier FPV (first-person view) radio-controlled drone racing league which hosts frequent competition-based tournaments, free-fly gatherings and casual events. Our event management assets provide our chapters with an effective process that make our events fun and rewarding.

MultiGP chapters welcome all pilots regardless of their skill level. We have found this creates a fun and rewarding experience, which ultimately leads to more time for racing, greater safety and more time to socialize with your fellow pilots.

Join our chapter DieHard Drone Racers to get involved and notified for upcoming events.

Thank you to all the amazing sponsors who support DieHardRC and help make the park available to the RC Community!

Summer Address​

11890 Old Snohomish Monroe RD.
Snohomish WA, 98290

Winter Address​

1820 Bickford Ave
Snohomish WA, 98290

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(425) 551-0156