Scale RC - Rock Crawling


Scale RC Park

DieHard RC added Scale Rock Crawling in 2019 when the community came together to create it and donated much of the materials. It has been a labor of love and we are proud of how it has turned out so far. In 2020 we are expanding the trail system, upgrading the covered pit area, creating Bash Park and adding Scale Town! Scale town will provide Scale buildings and themed backdrops to allow for great photos and fun adventures. Bash Park is a place for you to send it and get dirty with your vehicle. Bring what you got!

If you were born to bash you have come to the right place...

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Thank you to all the amazing sponsors who support DieHardRC and help make the park available to the RC Community!

Summer Address​

11890 Old Snohomish Monroe RD.
Snohomish WA, 98290

Winter Address​

1820 Bickford Ave
Snohomish WA, 98290

Call Us

(425) 551-0156